Buy Aptamil Anti-Reflux Milk Powder Online

Aptamil Anti-Reflux Milk Powder is a thickened formula that is specially designed for the dietary management of frequent reflux and regurgitation. It is ideal for babies from birth to 1 year and can be introduced as part of a weaning diet.



Buy Aptamil Anti-Reflux Milk Powder Online

Buy Aptamil Anti-Reflux Milk Powder Online with ………Aptamil Anti-Reflux Milk Powder is designed to help reduce the symptoms of reflux. It is made using carob bean gum, which is thick in texture and remains thick in the stomach in order to help the feed stay down while leaving your baby feeling fuller for longer.

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Buy Aptamil Comfort Formula Powder Online at ……Aptamil Comfort Formula Powder is great for your baby as it contains less lactose than in standard infant milks and prebiotic oligosaccharides which will help to encourage softer stools. It also has a thick consistency which will keep your baby feeling full and satisfied, as well as preventing them from taking in too much air.Give your baby the perfect amount of nutrition they need today by introducing them to Aptamil Comfort Formula Powder.

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